Blog RSS

If you want to get notified of new posts to the blog, one way to do it is using its RSS feed in an RSS reader.

This blog’s RSS feed can be found at this link:

Blog RSS

Or, you can copy the following link into your RSS reader:

What’s an RSS reader?

RSS readers let you follow other websites, letting you read all updates in a centralized place. You can learn more about RSS feeds and readers here.

Which websites can be followed?

Pretty much all major blogging platforms support RSS, including both old-school platforms like Wordpress, and newer platforms like Substack and Medium. Even some social media like Mastodon and Youtube support RSS!

I’ve never used one, which do you recommend?

My personal favourite is Inoreader. I’ve happily used it for years now, and it can be used for free.

I don’t want to use RSS. How else can I be notified of new posts?

You can also subscribe by email below:

Hang on, your feed is an Atom feed, not an RSS feed!

Yes, you’re clever, but that doesn’t really matter. This page isn’t meant for people that know the difference between those two.